Office of Student Equity Programs & Services

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I see myself as a change agent. This work comes from a place of courage and out of love for including communities that have been marginalized."

Dr. Guadalupe R. Corona

About Us

The Office of Student Equity Programs and Services, was established in Spring of 2016 to demonstrate the institutional commitment to creating equity minded, inclusive and diverse environments designed to advance student success.

The office is dedicated to working collaboratively to extend the values of diversity and equity broadly through teaching, service, policy, and practice, thus advancing the college’s student equity and success initiatives.

The office supports the SWC Dreamer Center by creating a safe space for Immigrant Student Populations. The Governing Board has demonstrated support for immigrant student populations through several resolutions:

  • Resolution 1796:  Supporting a Reasonable and Human Approach to Reforming the Current Immigration System (April 2013)
  • Resolution 1885: Supporting Executive Actions on Immigration (April 2015)
  • Resolution 1988: Guiding Principles for Immigrant Students (December 2016)
  • Resolution 1984: Supporting and Respecting Immigrants (November 2016)
  • Resolution 1992: Upholding Civil Rights of All Residents (January 2017)

Student Equity Plan

Integrated Student Success Plan

Virtual Chat

We are here to support each of our student’s needs. Chat live on Cranium Café by finding an online staff member below. To learn more, visit the Virtual Welcome Center. Our student service specialists have their hours of availability listed on their profile cards. If a team member's hours are not reflective of their availability, they are likely supporting another student. We give each of our students the individual attention and time they deserve. Thank you for your patience.

Video chat with Student Equity Programs and Services on Cranium Cafe

Dr. Guadalupe R. Corona

Director, Office of Student Equity Programs and Services 482-6544

Alejandra Garcia

Project Specialist, SWC Dreamer Center 482-6435