Student Activities

The Student Activities Office coordinates events and programs for students.

Students involved in co-curricular activities can have a co-curricular transcript processed. Please contact Jenny Marasigan, or in Room 67A-105 to fill out appropriate forms. Please use the campus map for direction.

Lastly, the Office of Student Activities provides support to the Associated Student Organization (ASO), campus clubs and organizations, Health Services, Service Learning, JaguarsServe, and is a good place to obtain general information about campus events, activities and programs and vendor forms. For any questions or inquiries, please email:

Virtual Chat

We are here to support each of our student’s needs. Chat live on Cranium Café by finding an online staff member below. To learn more, visit the Virtual Welcome Center. Our student service specialists have their hours of availability listed on their profile cards. If a team member's hours are not reflective of their availability, they are likely supporting another student. We give each of our students the individual attention and time they deserve. Thank you for your patience.

Video chat with Student Activities Front Desk on Cranium Cafe

Contracts & Forms

Below are Online Request Forms, PDF Forms available and distributed by the Office of Student Activities. Please feel free to contac our office at for any questions or clarifications.

SWC Identification Card

*Special Note: This is effective until further notice. 


 As a result of the campus closure due to health concerns surrounding Covid-19, the Office of Student Activities will not be issuing student ID cards temporarily. This also applies for all Higher Education Centers and Continuing Education.

 If you require a student ID card for a specific and verifiable reason, please fill out the: SWC ID Request Form

These requests will be reviewed and cards will be issued on a case-by-case basis.

We thank you for your understanding, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Activities.

 Requirement to receive an SWC ID under special circumstance:

  1. Submit a picture of yourself (shoulder and up) against a plain white wall similar to a DMV style picture.  
    • You may smile if you would like.
    • If you wear eyeglasses and a glare shows, please remove your glasses and retake the picture.
    • No sunglasses, beanies, ball cap, or hat are not allowed. If you wear a headdress for religious belief, that will be allowed.
  2. Submit a picture of a valid picture ID for verification of identity, we only need one from these:
    • California ID or Drivers License
    • Any US State ID or Drivers License
    • Passport (not expired, US or foreign)
    • Sentri Pass
    • Previous High School ID

After Verification of Picture ID submitted and quality of picture approved, you will receive an email with the schedule to pick up.

 A.    Pick up Schedule: Once your SWC ID is ready, you will receive an email as to when you can come to pick it up on campus 

Honors & Honor Societies

Students with overall grade point averages of 3.5 or higher on all academic course work are awarded a gold tassel to wear at Commencement. Upon official certification of all academic course work, graduating students are eligible for diplomas and transcripts annotated "with honors."

Co-Curricular & Performance Activities

There's lots of opportunity for you! Co-curricular events include performance and visual arts and athletics. You can participate by enrolling in these specific classes:

  • Student art exhibits
  • Chamber Singers
  • Concert Choir
  • Jazz Ensembles
  • Dance performance
  • The Southwestern SUN Student newspaper
  • Competitive speech
  • Theatre
  • Mariachi
  • Afro-Cuban Ensemble
  • Vocal Jazz Ensemble
  • African Drumming & Dancing

Collegiate Athletics

Southwestern College student athletic teams achieve national and state conference rankings. Fitness training is offered through the School of Health, Physical Education and Athletics. The aquatics program offers sailing and kayaking and recreational leadership at the Crown Cove Aquatic Center, as well as swimming in our collegiate-competitive pool. Want to compete in intercollegiate athletics? Here's the line up:

Hours of Operation

Days Hours
Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 6:30pm
Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm
Saturday - Sunday Closed

Get In Touch


Ronnie Hands

Director of Student Development & Health Services 216-6617

Jenny Marasigan

Student Services Specialist

(619) 482-6568